Rental Policies

Please read and understand our basic customer service policies. Reach out with questions to

Your Information

We don’t knowingly collect, use, or disclose any information other than that of which we need to operate the site:

  • Information you provide by signing up or booking a boat rental
  • Your associated account information from signing up
  • Payment and scheduling details you provide through the site
  • Any information WordPress uses to provide this website

Proof of Competency

Boating license is required. Minimum age to operate is 16yrs old.

If you do not have a boat license, a free day pass is available through Transport Canada.

*Note: the day pass checklist is only valid for the day of your rental.


We deliver to any lake in Alberta.

We charge a set delivery fee of $60.00, plus an additional $0.50/km for any distance 70km or further, from Edmonton 

All boat rentals will have GST applied.


If you can’t drive a boat for any reason, we offer drivers at no charge.

Using one of our drivers lowers your damage deposit from $1500 to $500.

Our driver can stay with you for the duration of the rental. Renters can opt out of using our drivers at any time. But the damage deposit would increase to original $1500 without the driver.


Gas usage will be deducted from renter damage deposit according to the premium gas price on the day of the rental/return.

TSMG will refuel boats for 1-hour and 4-hour rentals. Multi-day rentals are responsible for refills. 

Payments & FEES

We accept (require) a deposit of $100.00 +GST through the site at the time of your booking. 

Deposits are non-refundable and only used to secure your booking. Full payment is required on your actual booked day.

Renters who are towing and launching by themselves, or doing multiday rentals will be required to leave a major credit card on file with a matching ID. No holds or fees will be charged to the CC it is merely just additional safety measures to ensure the safe return of our equipment.


Damage Deposits

We require a boat deposit of $1500.00 (if renter HAS license) and $2500.00 (if renter does NOT have license).

We provide drivers free of charge and would then reduce your damage deposit to $500.00.


Refunds & Late Fees

We do not offer refunds as your booking is not paid for until your pickup date. As mentioned, deposits are non-refundable and used to hold your spot.

Late returns will be charged against your damage deposit to the next 1-, 4-, 8-, or 24-hour rental period, respective to your booking.

Any damages to your rental will result in deduction or total loss of your damage deposit.



Additional information

Drinking/Intoxication while operating is NOT permitted. Life jackets are required and provided for all renters.

Rentals require a form that has all riders names address phone numbers and emergency contact.